Speaker @ ITCamp 2014


May 22 – 23 2014, Cluj-Napoca, Romania:  you are invited to attend the 4th edition of ITCamp 2014 – two full days of practical IT goodies.

The event is brought to you by people involved in the .NET developer community, with experience in organizing technical sessions and seminars for developers visible on CodeCamp.ro and ITSpark.ro community.

Being the only girl in a crowd of masculine speakers, my session from Friday, May 23, talks about something softer, but equally important – “Intellectual property in software applications”. It will cover the basics of intellectual property tailored to the software industry and I will try to offer a few examples from my practice.

You may often hear people talking about intellectual property. But have you ever wondered what does it really mean for those software applications you develop either for your employer, for that overseas client or for your own IT start-up? Do you know how to protect it or how to effectively exploit it?

If you want to check out my presentation, please visit this blog after the event. I will upload it here.

Further details on ticket fees, workshops and speakers are displayed on the official website www.itcamp.ro.

Do not miss this event if you are interested in the latest IT technologies and want to stay updated with industry trends.


Update: PowerPoint presentation uploaded on Slideshare and audio recording here. Enjoy!



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